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Main » 2012 » January » 26 » Dream Hostel participating in the Tourist exhibition! (November 2011)
Dream Hostel participating in the Tourist exhibition! (November 2011)
Dream Hostel participating in the Tourist exhibition! (November 2011)

Dream hostel had their own stand during Winter Sport Exhibition and Tourism Exhibition in Kiev in November 2011.
However to present a hostel to Ukrainian people is not an easy task. Local people, unfortunately, don’t know what the hostel is while in Europe the idea of hostel is used since fifties of the previous century.
Our staff had to be creative to get the local chance to get the information about the hostels itself and to present Dream Hostel and soon opened Dream House! 

We showed the beds, mattresses, photos, brochures and our supermagic happy staff so that Ukrainians can view the hostel’s life without visiting the hostel!
Sincerely talking we have been the best on this exhibition and attracted a lot of visitors by showing kind and friendly atmosphere hostels do have!
So doesn’t matter if you are Ukrainian or traveller – you have your home in Kiev!

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