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25. Oleg   (17.12.2011 12:02) E-mail
It's really good place for living in Kiev. I live here about one week, and think, it's much better choice for constantly living (instead rend apartment in dormitory area) too :))))
Country: Ukraine

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24. Mavi   (04.12.2011 08:14) E-mail
ok, here it goes. All above-said is absolutely true! An I am ready to swear on Bible to witness that biggrin Yra, Nastya, I miss you but hopefully see you soon... kisses and hugs for you guys cool
Country: Russia

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23. Eugene   (24.10.2011 11:30) E-mail
It was coolest night i' ve ever spent in Kiev. Dream hostel is wery pleasant place. So, in responce to very good service n conveniences, dream hostel is the best place to stay in Kiev.
Country: Ukraine

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22. Zack   (16.10.2011 06:51)
Yura is a down to earth kind of guy. He's always ready to take care of everything guests request. He also tends to keep the hostel neat and organized, even though once he threw my unopened favorite carry-out,chinese fried rice into trash can by accident.

Dream hostel guarantees all the entertainment amostphere and the best service to guest, not to mention the room rates are almost least expensive for an ideal location in the center. I wouldn't try other hostels when I travel to Kiev again.

Miss you guys at the hostel.
Country: USA

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21. Zack   (16.10.2011 06:50)
So I had to add my comments into multiple parts due to the cap of words.
to be continued:

Somehow when I was a little paranoid. I tried other hospitals first instead of going straight to the one I was advised. After goose chase between those hospitals, I was finally transported to the facility where the vaccine was available. It turned out that's the one she showed me at beginning.
"Don't joke with blonde lady" is for blonde Darina who has a sweet and pretty smile all the time and is very talktive. She's never mean to people. She enjoys to be at party with guest at hostel. She can even show you the best club in Kiev by hanging out together. However, do not get her mess with her and get her mad, or she would send you to Kreschatik stree to rally for Yulia Timoshenko (just kidding).
Country: USA

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20. Zack   (16.10.2011 06:47)
First, Hostelworld limited the length of review I wrote, thus it wasn't enough to cover my positive experience in August and September at Dream hostel. So I thought I should put out more about my feeling here, even though I already checked out the hostel a months ago. Let's see, the hostel is so comfortable to me, I treat it as my home in Kiev for that I stayed there soon after its grand opening this Feburary. This is mainly because I love the three administrators there. Here comes Nika, Darina and Yura. Everyone doesn't have to know anything about beautiful Nika other than one, which is : With Nika, no problem. This is truely right. Nika had abundant knowledge about things going on in Kiev. I happened to have to see doctor for dog bite once. So I ask her to locate a hospital for me and she certainly did with pleasure.
Country: USA

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